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About ISH

Since November 2018, Fitzroy’s Gertrude Street has been home to ISH, a lively, inventive Indian restaurant. Serving up contemporary Indian cuisine, the restaurant’s ethos is rooted in the liminal: its inspirations both traditional and modern, its flavours both familiar and surprising, its spirit both global and local. It serves to represent, through food, the dynamism that so defines modern-day India. ISH is Indian-ish, yes, but also Australian; modern-ish, yes, but also classic. In short, it delivers what can only be described as ‘unexpected India.’

What we do

Owned by Indian-born Ganeev Bains, a restaurateur with several successful projects in his hometown of Chandigarh, ISH prides itself on presenting to Melburnians a different culinary perspective—that of a dynamic, eclectic, evolving India. Leading the Kitchen at ISH, Chef Michael Stolley bring his love exploration and creativity to a cuisine rich in history and adventure. His respect and understanding of spices comes a long way from his globe-trotting childhood. As a son of German chef and mauritian dancer, he was raised across the globe which has influenced his cooking style and exceptional taste. Chef Stolley brings 16 years of experience to the intimate Fitzroy restaurant, aiming to provide a glimpse in to delights of Indian cuisine executed with modern techniques.

Come enjoy the flavours and traditions of different corners of India, reimagined with local ingredients and a contemporary, international flair. Trust us when we say it’s an experience worth sharing.

199 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
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P: +61 413 895 143

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